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A very simple game

...yet addictive - even if it is just filling in the boxes to complete the equations.

What is Mathfillin?

Mathfillin is a very simple Math Game brought to us by Vebatech, Philippines. It is currently available for Android tablets and phones at the Play Store as well as a Chrome Extension at the Chrome Store.

How to play Math Fillin?

For each game, there will be two rows of boxes. The top row represents the equation to be completed satisfactorily. It has boxes and mathematical symbols in between. The bottom row represents the choices.

Tap a number in the choices to fill up the empty boxes of the equation and satisfy the math equation.

You may replace a wrong number on the equation by tapping it.

There are four game levels with the easiest having only 3 boxes to fill up. The extreme level requires filling up 6 boxes.

The operation precedence of the equation is as follows: Multiplication - Division - Addition - Subtraction. This means that multiplication and division are performed first before addition and subtraction.

Compete with other Math Fillin players the world over with who gets the most equations made.

Vebatech builds quality software...

when we build it, satisfaction is guaranteed...

Small Company from a small province

Vebatech is a small company in the small province of Bohol, Philippines. We have been in the software outsourcing business since 2010, having started with Rentacoder (vWorker) and now through Odesk.

We're really small with a team made up of only 3 full time developers working on web based applications both fronts and back ends. Mathfillin is Vebatech's first venture into application development for Android.

We also have a tool here to hone your kid's basic math operation. Check it out and try the exercises.

Justin Villocido, CEO is blogging on a lot of software development topics. You can read some of his notes here.

How to Contact Us?

For business inquiries, you can email us through:

mathfillin at gmail dot com

Or you can contact us by clicking: